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Despite the widespread use of similar products elsewhere in the world, Dimple PaperTM had limited support when it was first introduced in South Africa. Today, with environmental concerns increasingly shaping the way we do business, the concept is enjoying a whole new reception. Chris Digges and Richard Boulton re-launched Dimple PaperTM in 2008, with varying degrees of success. Their primary market has become the poultry sector, but this is changing as more and more industries realise the environmental and economic benefits that Dimple PaperTM offers.

With over 25 years’ experience in the paper and industrial adhesive industries respectively, Chris and Richard own and run Dimple PaperTM in Pinetown, Durban, using a purpose-built machine to produce the embossed product. Current customers include a number of hatcheries across the country, as well as the transport, furniture and manufacturing industries.

The company's mission is to produce only an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable packaging material for use in various industries. "We are not here to bash those producing plastic products, but we are excited to be able to offer a planet-friendly alternative," says Chris.


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