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Poultry liners

Dimple PaperTM manufactures poultry liners for day-old chick 4-way boxes, plastic crates and hatch baskets. These liner sheets come in three sizes:

Dimple PaperTM liners are made from 100% recyclable material from renewable forestry sources, so there's no residual environmental after-effect. Dimple PaperTM offers hatcheries the following additional benefits:

The Dimple PaperTM concept has been used for many years in the poultry industry in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and some European countries where it is referred to as 'globular embossed straw paper' and 'chick-box embossed' paper. Dimple PaperTM has been supplying a number of hatcheries nationally and has had nothing but positive feedback.

General Packaging

Dimple PaperTM manufactures and supplies a paper cushion packaging option that can be used in place of plastic bubble products and single face kraft (SFK). The product is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly as the paper is sourced from a paper merchant and a local mill that support 'sustainable forestation'.

Dimple PaperTM is produced in 75m-long rolls in widths of 1,200mm, 600mm and 300mm. The following characteristics make Dimple PaperTM ideal for general packaging across a wide range of industries:

Potential users include furniture manufacturers; retailers; removals companies; manufacturers of china, glass, pottery and ceramics; fruit & vegetable producers / packers / exporters; flower growers / packers / exporters; schools and crafters. Dimple Paper currently supplies to the furniture, transport and manufacturing industries.

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